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The leading provider of IT solutions to the travel and tourism industry

Amadeus is the chosen technology partner for providers, sellers and buyers of travel. The company provides distribution, IT and point-of-sale solutions to help customers adapt, grow and succeed in the fast changing travel industry. Customer groups include travel providers (airlines, hotels, car rental companies, railway companies, ferry lines, cruise lines, insurance companies and tour operators), travel sellers (travel agencies) and travel buyers (corporations and travelers). Solutions are grouped in four categories-Distribution & Content, Sales & e-Commerce, Business Management and Services & Consulting.

Amadeus has central locations in Madrid (corporate headquarters & marketing), Nice (development) and Erding (operations and data processing center) and regional offices in Miami, Buenos Aires and Bangkok.

Amadeus Iran was established in 2003 after awarding the contract between the Amadeus IT group and Iran Air. So Iran Air as an Amadeus exclusive representative has initiated the business and begun to set up the company, organizing the team in order to direct and support the travel agencies. Currently, Amadeus is the leading travel company in the market that offers transactions for airlines, hotels, rails, cruise lines and ferry operators, car rental companies, and tour companies.

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