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An Introduction to Amadeus Iran Training Center

With over a decade of experience, Amadeus Iran proud to have qualified and professional instructors who are highly educated with extensive experience in conducting courses.

Since all instructors in Amadeus Iran work as a customer support executive team at the same time, travel agents’ problems and issues are addressed in our training sessions.

Amadeus Iran provides different types of training methods to make the training more convenient to you and develop your knowledge and enhance your skills.


The Amadeus e-Learning enables you to manage all your training related activities online 24/7 at anytime, anywhere. Amadeus e-Learning offers self-paced lessons for those needs to have an introduction around Amadeus or to enhance their Amadeus skills.

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Classroom Training

Amadeus Iran creates a friendly training atmosphere and provides the face-to-face interact with instructors who are source of information. They bring real-life business experience and knowledge to you.

Trainees are immersed in a learning environment where they can focus on a specific topic and fully comprehend the material presented.

Amadeus Iran provided 12 Laptops and trainees enjoy a well-equipped environment.

Enjoy Learning!

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Tailor-made Training

In addition to our regular programs of open enrollment, we also offer a Tailor-made Training to fit your organization's needs. Tailor-made means customized in content, time and number of participants to your specific needs as a customer.

Convenience, flexibility and relevance are main advantages of our customized training courses and that’s not all. For more information call our training center.

Amadeus Iran Training Materials

Amadeus Iran Training Center supplies all kinds of training materials such as training manuals, quick cards and quick references, etc.

Show Me Videos

Amadeus Iran brings you the opportunity to cover the issues easily by Show me videos.
It is a brilliant way to deliver the educational content at an adequate pace, to keep the learner's interest during the entire demo.

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