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Terms and Conditions

1- Amadeus Iran Extranet conform to the regulation of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Ecommerce regulations, as well as cybercrime laws.

2- Users are not permitted to insert personal information of a third person regarding membership and they are responsible for inserted contents, in case of inserting incomplete or inaccurate data, users need to undertake the consequences.

3- User information on Amadeus Iran Extranet is completely private, thus to protect the privacy of users, they are committed not to hack any content on the website or not to have any participation with real and legal persons for doing so. Furthermore, users undertake to announce hacking activities of other persons or institutions to Amadeus Iran Extranet.

4- Users undertake to announce any changes of their personal information in a formal letter to Amadeus Iran Extranet as soon as possible. Otherwise, Amadeus Iran Extranet won’t take any responsibilities for the existence of false information.

5- In case of changes in ownership and management of a travel agency, transferring usernames and passwords to new members is on the travel agency's responsibility and Amadeus Iran won’t take any responsibilities for this issue.

6- Users must avoid making more than one username on the website.

7- You are not allowed to copy or monitor any content or information on Amadeus Iran Extranet by using any kinds of robots, spiders, scripts, or other intelligent gadgets, or any types of manual process for any purposes without the written permission of Amadeus Iran.
The responsibility of all transferred files, images, etc through the website is on the sender user, and the website doesn’t undertake any responsibilities for the virus or suspicious files.
Before open all received files, it is recommended to scan them using the Antivirus software.

8- Amadeus Iran Extranet will not share user information with any other institutions. In case of legal investigations, competent authorities can access the information.

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